Sunday, March 18, 2007

Some funny answers

Question: Prasad asks Kumble to bring a Pepsi. Kumble brings a bottle, but takes it directly to Tendulkar. Why?

Ans: Because Tendulkar is an opener.

Question: An elephant was in love with a she-elephant. But the she-elephant went and got married to some other elephant. So our elephant was very Depressed. One of his friends felt sorry for him, and took him to a park to cheer him up. In the park, they sat on a see-saw, but the see-saw broke. Now, which song would our hero sing?

Ans: "See-saw ho ya dil ho, aakhir toot jaata hai."

Question: Two hairs on a bald man's head fall in love with each other and want to get married, but cannot. Why?

Ans: Because under Indian laws, "baal vivaah" is illegal.

Question: The Madrasi said, I want to see the movie "my heart is an umbrella'. Which movie did he really want to see?

Ans: Dil Chhaata Hai

these will make u fall off ur chair!! Woh kaun sa hindi geet hai jis main "Internet Explorer" ka zikar kiya gaya
Hint: The heroine also refers to herself as Internet Explorer. If you don't know...

The answer is... Maine Pyar Kiya.

And the song goes....

Aajaa shaam hone IE (Internet Explorer)

Mausam ne lee angada IE

To kis baat ki hai lada IE

Tu chal........ Main IE !!!

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