Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Auto Shutdown your PC in a specified time

Passed out while watching a movie and see your system still up and running the following morning or want to shutdown your system after downloading a file in your absence then,

AutoShutdown a nice little (0.1 MB)freeware may be helpful for you .its easy to operate ,download the freeware on to your system , specify the exact time when you want to shutdown from now.

Link:Auto Shutdown
Note:Scroll down destination page for the freeware.

Once it reaches the specified time application gets invoked and kills all the active process and forces the system to shutdown.

Other options available are
Remind me : the user will be reminded about the shutdown.
Password Protected: password can be set to the options so that once the time is set and the program is in hide mode, it cannot be disabled unless you type the password.

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