Monday, May 14, 2007

Reasons for Orkut becoming popular among Indians a social networking site, second popular website for Indians (Alexa rankings) and going by the Google trends (Picture 1) depicts the Indians are the second in no of users who access orkut after brazil.
Listing down some of the reasons for its popularity:
1) Keeping in touch with old friends and distant relatives.
2) Considering the fact Indians stand no’3(Picture2) in the world who search for sex on net and orkut is an ideally destination which has loads of communities related to sex.
3) Typical desi attitude to peep into someone’s personal life, which is not possible in other social networking sites like face book if you’re in another network.
4) Fan club for their favorite celebrities, TV shows films etc.
5) Free download information related to movies, software, ebooks etc.
6) Online dating &people looking for new acquaintances.

Google trends for orkut users as of 05/14/07(Picture 1):
Google trends for sex searches by region as of 05/14/07(Picture 2):

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Good points listed out!!