Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Revamp The Razr-New Motorola Razr 2

Motorola is changing the Razr cellphone that has defined the company's seesaw fortunes, jamming more technological and user-friendly substance into a handset best known for its looks.
The Razr 2 (left) was unveiled yesterday as the centerpiece to a new phone lineup Motorola hopes will reverse a financial tailspin that's led to the company's first quarterly loss since 2004 and wiped away a third of its stock market value in just half a year.
The Razr 2 features big jumps in processor speed and screen brightness, both of which are 10 times greater than the original Razr. The company also has added a 2-inch display to the outside of the Razr 2, calling it the biggest external screen on a flip phone, so that it can be used more easily as a music player.
Despite all the focus on the Razr 2's innards, the device is in fact 0.08 inches thinner than the original Razr.

Source:Associated Press

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