Sunday, June 17, 2007

All About Shivaji-The Boss

Finally Curtains raised for the most awaited&expensive movie of the year Shivaji,which got postponed for various reasons and the trio combination of shankar (most expensive director in Indian cinema charges around 8 crores per movie ) ,Rahman the veteran music director and The hero of the movie Rajnikanth created much hype among moviegoers

After watching the movie as one of the rediff review said it was indeed a walk through the dream land with those huge erected sets and beautiful song picturization.

Rajnikanth excelled in his role and the comedy shared by him and vivek on screen was rib tickling, and as expected you can see his normal flicks and tricks performed by him but this time with chewing gum and rupee coin rather than is usual cigarette. Notable Scenes that made audience laugh the most were, rajni-mimicking NTR, ANR, Chiranjeevi & he inviting officials to the office room.

Shriya , sizzled the screen with her beauty and her role wasn’t limited as a glamour doll of the movie.Her beauty, dance and costumes complemented well with the expensive and beautiful sets designed for songs by the art director Thota tharani..

One of the notable points is onscreen romance shared between rajni and shriya was convincing and digestable, which lacks in most of the senior hero movies these days.

Comedy and timing of the dialogues by vivek were excellent; Suman in a negative role appeared to be good.

Shankar tried his best not to get carried away with the image of rajnikanth and was successful in conveying the message, and as expected flaws did flow in the movie,but on the whole shankar did a good job. A R rahman and art director Thota tharani did a excellent work.

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