Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Chiranjeevi’s Goli Marr(Indian Thriller)- Song Goes Global

Whenever I come across this video nick named Indian Thriller on Youtube it makes me quizzical why its so famous with over 2 Million hits , favorited by 9k users and comments still continue pouring in every hour (keeping in mind no regional song has these many views) and because of its popularity it got listed on Yahoo main page a while ago.I do know its normal telugu song from movie Donga acted by Chiranjeevi and Radha and its theme picked from Micheal Jackson Thriller .Reasons could be of its theme,Catchy music ,weird dance and other reason is when you look at the related songs column its being listed with other Michael Jackson videos.

Some of the comments left by the viewers…


were they joking or serious..this is too funny..i've watched it like 50 times cant get enough ..i l love scene 00:26- 00:29..scene 00;56- 00:59 is to hilarious i like the way he chases her,its like he's laughing at her,hahaha

funniest video i've ever seen!! my schoolmates put up a performance of it in school with the vid playing in the background XD

i cant stop listening to this song! i must be stopped! aahh! its so catchy though! i love this stupid video!

This has to be the funniest damn video on YouTube. I almost choked on my own spit I was laughing so hard!

Some fans went to a extent of converting the language and displaying subtitles for it and other with remix version and many came up with parody version . Lets see in future if his movies gets screened for mexican viewers ,like rajni movies screened for japan viewers

I’m Posting two of User versions videos here , Use links for other user versions

Indian Thriller with English Lyrics!

Golimar Version:Remix by supersonico

Related User Videos:
Parody 1
Parody 2
Converted to unknown language

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