Tuesday, June 26, 2007

List of Sites to Watch Free TV Online

In this article I will be walking through list of websites to watch all major TV shows,Videos,documentaries.I have been doing research on this from quite a while to find my favorite videos online.

YouTube Not much to say here except: user uploaded videos, lots and lots of them, all free.videos include both user generated content as well as professionally produced, sometimes copyrighted stuff.

NGTV it’s similar to what kids see on TV everyday: lots of music & entertainment, lots of foul language, and long, long intros for every episode.

Democracy is actually a media player which you can use to watch media files on your hard drive. But, the difference is in that it also lets you connect to all of the big video hosting sites and many independent publishers.

Episode network is a large link list, pointing to videos around the web. They’re not hosting any of the videos on the site; but bear in mind that since the material includes blockbusters and entire TV series downloading the stuff might be just a tad illegal.

Dailymotion One of the biggest video sharing sites around, Dailymotion is as old as YouTube, and nearly as successful.For a list of TV series available at Dailymotion, check out this site.

Google Video Although Google has bought YouTube and Google Video is slowly fading out of the picture, it’s still a very large video sharing site with tons of content and an UI that wouldn’t mind a makeover.

BlinkX is a video/audio search engine which claims to have indexed over 12 million hours of video.

ChannelChooser A windows media player based video portal offering a large selection of TV channels. Simple layout and interface, very little annoyance.

Blip.TV is a video sharing site that focuses on user-crated shows. This means less noise and more coherence than YouTube, and some of the stuff on here is, indeed, quite enjoyable. A great place to find the next Spielberg, or at the very least the next Larry Clark.

TV links It’s a nicely organized collection of links to episodes to popular TV shows. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Stage6 is a video sharing site built to demonstrate the quality of the DivX codec. It sports a sleek interface and a large selection of videos. You’ll need a special plugin to access the videos - the DivX web player - but the quality of DivX-encoded videos makes it worth your while.

ABC A selection of ABC shows, will work only for visitors from the United States.

Free Movies Cinema A carefully handpicked selection of rare and interesting movies collected from various online sources. It’s a small but intelligent selection, and most movies on the list are definitely worth watching.

PeekVid A selection of downloadable TV shows and movies, including some very popular ones like Buffy, 24, Pimp My Ride and others. Also includes a quite comprehensive selection of anime.

Fox MySpace On its MySpace page, Fox is offering several of its popular TV shows for free - if you’re located in the United States. Some love for the Europeans, please?

TV videoA nicely organized list of episodes from the most popular current shows, like Grey’s Anatomy, Lost, and 24.

thanks to mashable.com

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