Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Looks like Munnabhai will once again fall in love in the third installment of the Munnabhai Series and this time it would be with an American lass! The industry is also buzzing with the news that Rishi Kapoor's progeny Ranbir will also pay a pivotal part in the movie.This is what Director Raj Kumar Hirani had to say about all the speculations:Let me clear this. Rishi Kapoor had approached me soon after 'Lage Raho Munnabhai'. He wanted me to cast Ranbir in this film. But I haven’t signed him. I haven’t completed writing the script yet,” the soft-spoken Hirani divulges, “Sure, I am starting a non-Munnabhai film. I was keen to take a break after making two Munnabhai films back to back. But the casting is undecided,” he adds.Meanwhile, the casting of 'Munnabhai Chale Amerika' is also unclear [barring Sanju and Arshad, of course]. “I am working on the characters,” he states, puttingmunnabhai_248.jpg to rest all speculation about Vidya Balan featuring in this film. “No, Vidya isn’t part of this film. This time, Munna falls in love with an American. We are casting a blonde as Munna’s love interest,” he says.Munna and Circuit are brands. “It’s like the Laurel-Hardy series. They continue with their escapades with new people in every chapter/episode. Similarly, Munna and Circuit will continue with their adventures, but the faces will be different every time. Boman Irani? He has been an integral part of the first two films and I am trying to fit him in the third installment. He’ll be there, I think,” he states.

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